Stars and Satellites {Part 2 of 2}

Title: Stars and Satellites {Part 2 of 2}
Pairings: Harry/Louis, George Shelley/Ella Henderson, past George/Louis
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3,065
A/N: Almost feels like a whole different fic. Takes place about a year after Part 1.
Summary: It’s July, and they’ve been touring for months now, a whirling cyclone of flashing lights, paps, fans damp with tears and sweat from the proximity with the crowd, mic-breaking and hug-sharing, late night films on a tour bus. They get a week off.
So it happens like this:Collapse )

Happy birthday, Suzie! (Larry below)

A/NHarry/Louis, NC-17, crossdressing!Louis, birthday sex. Just so you know. So... Happy birthday, Suzie! I love you!

Harry sticks his key in the door. It’s late, he’s tired and satisfied, and he’s ready to go to sleep. In the club, Niall and Liam (Liam!) begged him to stay and party. Zayn simply told them to leave Harry alone. In his bradford accent, the lad shooed Harry out of the club amidst Niall’s protests that it was Harry’s birthday for God’s sake, he should have at least one more pint. Harry bowed out as gracefully as he could without just saying that he actually wasn’t interested.

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[FILL] - Stars and Satellites {Part 1 of 2}
Title: Stars and Satellites
Pairings: Louis/George Shelley, Harry/George
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 4, 903
A/N: I am so sorry if you wind up hating this, but I tried. Thank you for letting me fill :) xx
Prompt/Summary: Louis has got himself a new boyfriend, some guy from the X Factor named George Shelley. Harry instantly hates him; he's taking his best friend away from him. Louis says George is perfect and sweet and his soulmate. Turns out, when Louis leaves, George is a bitch toward Harry. Harry is out to get rid of George, but George has other ideas. Sexy times ensue; whether Louis finds out is up to the author.

"@Louis_Tomlinson Look at George, isn’t he cute? Pic.Twitter.AS2466DG"
Harry stares at Louis’ latest tweet on his mobile.Collapse )


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